From a seasoned fisherman:
“I’ll never forget fishing with Capt. Harght last fall. We set out for a good haul and met extremely rough conditions. The good news is that we made it back safely thanks to his expertise. The great news is that we had a boat full of bluefish to show for it.”
-- EPK

From a longtime resident:
“I’ve lived here for how many years? I can’t believe so much time passed before I really got to see what was east of Humarock. Thanks for giving my family and me a glorious afternoon exploring our coastline. I’m so grateful my kids didn’t wait as long as I did to see what life looks like from the other side of the lighthouse. You were so good with them. N____ now wants to be a fisherman when he grows up. (And a pilot and a chef.) No doubt, fishing is something he’ll always love. Thanks for helping him get started.
-- MCD

“Hey neighbor. You rock! I never knew you knew so much about our environment, local nature, migratory birds and the river. Glad I was asked to write about you. You’re the best kind of neighbor and captain. People would be lucky to head out with you. I’m glad I did. It was a great, fun, informative day. Dinner was great, too. Our freezer’s still packed.”
-- anon

(These might be slightly paraphrased. I need to get the exact quotes again. ~ Editor)