It's here!

It may not be official but it feels official: It’s summer!

The summer is here. Many of our summertime friends have started to arrive. The weather and water have really warmed up. Before we know it the third and Fourth of July will be fond memories. It’s a great time to mark your calendar for a fishing or scenic charter. Soon both your calendar and mine will be filled with summer events. Don’t forget to make time to smell the ocean’s great salty air and some freshly caught grilled striper. The beach roses? They don’t have much of a scent but they’re nice to look at.

Warm Wishes

As our thoughts turn to pleasant times on the South River and Cape Cod Bay it’s hard not to think about our friends in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s also difficult to know which reports are valid.

The Deepwater Horizon Response web page is the official site of the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command. As they state, a Unified Command links the organizations responding to an incident and provides a forum for those organizations to make consensus decisions. This site is maintained by the Unified Command’s Joint Information Center (JIC), which provides the public with reliable, timely information about the response.”

This site offers a wealth of information about the spill, the cleanup efforts, the people and wildlife impacted, claims and volunteer opportunities and a myriad of other facts and forums. It has provides you a place to voice your suggestions. The Unified Command’s site is available through: Deepwater Horizon Response